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TelenitART portrait by a mechanical automaton

Selene Nunez-Cruz is TelenitART


Explore the vibrant world of my self-taught artistry, rooted in a childhood immersed in the tropical landscapes of Veracruz. I delve into the beauty of natural and abstract forms, embracing a palette of colors and textures that transcend realism, aiming to evolve and birth novel artistic concepts. Infusing my creations with the rich tapestry of my Mexican heritage, my work is a celebration of diversity and cultural identity.

As a scientist, my artistic curiosity knows no bounds. I thrive on experimenting with a myriad of materials—watercolor, oil, acrylic, alcohol ink, markers, clay, and paper—unleashing a symphony of creativity in each piece. From eclectic people and pet portraits to abstract fine art and mesmerizing landscapes, my portfolio extends into the realm of 3D, encompassing wood toys, jewelry boxes, mandala stones, mosaics, and other captivating art-crafts.

Connect not just with the art but with a purpose that goes beyond the canvas. Over 30% of the proceeds from my creations are dedicated to making a positive impact by supporting non-profit organizations and animal shelters. By choosing my art, you become part of a collective effort to uplift both people and animals in need.

Step into this transformative artistic journey and be part of a meaningful connection. Reach out to explore, inquire, and discover how you can contribute to this inspiring fusion of creativity and compassion. Let's create, connect, and make a difference together. 


Selene was born in Mexico city. At the age of eight she moved to her mom’s home town in Veracruz where she got her first art job learning flowers embroidery for Folk-dresses. During middle-school she created 3D paper paintings that sold to her classmates. She attended Theater School where she received acting and art training until the age of eighteen.  

After attending high school, she moved to the beautiful city of Xalapa where she graduated as Biologist and got an Acting certification. Her curiosity for science make her move again to Cuernavaca, the “eternal spring” city to complete her Master degree in Biochemistry.

Selene submitted an application to the Université de la Mediterranée in Marseilles France, where she got a PhD in Immunology and immersed herself in the art world mingling with international artist and poets that lived in the paradisiac Côte d’Azur.

In 2005 she moved to the United States to work as Cancer Scientist at the University of Pennsylvania and settle in Philadelphia where she persistently continue painting and creating art-crafts.

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